Emma Study Guide

Emma Study Guide

It might seem that our world is overwhelmed with misshapen romance examples: from movies, theaters to bookshops and Broadway shows, it’s all about broken hearts and misinterpreted feelings. Yet Jane Austen managed to write a novel that is different from any others.

The book “Emma” is famous for many things, but one detail that stands out is the protagonist of the story. Emma Woodhouse doesn’t even try to please people around her. The author didn’t intend her to. She is proud and wealthy, courageous and arrogant, confident and smart.

But can you blame a woman who lived at times when there was no use for female wit and abilities? Had she lived in our century she would have made a brilliant politician or public advocate. But in the 19th century, a talented woman was doomed to be locked in a golden cage of her “careless” life.

Miss Woodhouse is a young 20-year old girl who is convinced that she can’t find a husband for herself but can easily help others with that. She talks her friend into rejecting the proposal of a man she loves being confident that she will get her a better match. Things go sour very quickly but it doesn’t stop the lady from wanting to make more matches.

“Emma” isn’t an easy read: from annoying characters and silly situations to heavy writing style and confusing plot. But it’s worth seeing it through. Because at the end this book is a little life of all of us: we are born blind and only learn to see the dangers once the experience brings us face to face with them.

In between the book lines, there’s a second plot going on devoted to the different manners and behavior styles that have difficulties getting along. Some are wise and slow while others are anxious yet too inexperienced. Watching them live side by side is a manifest of finding your place in a society.

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