Frypan is an older-looking, bearded, and sloppy guy who dislikes when other individuals take any of his belongings. Even though he ignores the basic rules of hygiene, he is the resident chef of the Glade, and everybody trusts him in performing this role. The hero merely hates when others invade his territory and kitchen before suppertime, without any exceptions. Besides, he also hates when anyone raids his fridge without his permission or presence. He masterly operates as the cook and does everything possible just to satisfy the needs of other Gladers and present for them a good nutritious meal. He is actually good at cooking and has no problems with satisfying team's appetite. During The Scorch Trials, he also masterly operates with cooking for the Gladers. Also, Frypan always stands up for Thomas and supports him during Gatherings. He is a very friendly person and, due to this fact, he quickly finds the ways to become a friend of Thomas. What is more, to make Thomas a Runner, Frypan votes in favor of him during the competition and calls other for doing so. Besides, he also demonstrates his appreciation of Thomas by preparing specially-cooked meals for the hero, while other Gladers eat common dishes. 

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