Mr. George Knightley

Mr. Knightley, a sensible gentleman of approximately thirty-seven years old. He was not only an old and close friend of the Woodhouse family but even had a relationship with them. He lived a mile from Highbury and was a frequent visitor who was always welcomed.

He is a longtime friend and reliable partner of Emma's son-in-law. Mr. Knightley is a true gentleman in terms of heritage, possessions, and virtue. He lives in Downwell Abbey in a decaying estate he manages. He shows integrity and compassion because he is constantly using his resources - position and team to help others. He is the only character who openly criticizes Emma and demonstrates his devotion to his moral development. His judgment is highly respected, and although he is not wholly subordinate to his interests.

Nevertheless, he proves to be more discriminating than many other characters in the novel. He is Emma's friend, son-in-law and, finally, her love interest. At 37, he is much older than her but still Emma approaches him.

George is Emma's friend and mentor, the only one who criticizes her actions. George Knightley does not trust Frank Churchill because he acts in a contradictory and foolish way.

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Mr. George Knightley in the Essays