Hideous Woman

Hideous Woman is a crazed lady who unexpectedly appears in the story and puzzles the main hero with her strange behavior.

She comes to inform Thomas that he is the only one meant to save all of them from the Flare and that it is his primary mission. She runs over by the car driven by the rescue party.  The Gladers encounter it's after their meeting with the Creators. The hideous woman is described as an ugly person,  covered with hideous sores. When she is talking to Thomas, split is kind of nasty flying out of her mouth. Then, the woman screams when the rescuers try to grab her and yank her off of Thomas. She begs Thomas not to let himself believe even a word they say.  After the strange meeting with the woman, Thomas is truly terrified and is remembering her wild eyes for a long time after the meeting. Thomas and Theresa could not understand what the words said by the woman meant and just looked at each other with fear and puzzlement in their eyes. Thomas could not answer for a long time the question of what is the gist of the message delivered by the Hideous Woman, deadening his heart. 

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