Jane Fairfax

Jane Fairfax is the main character in the novel. She is the only person who envies Emmy Woodhouse for her success and beauty. She married Frank Churchill after a long and secret engagement. Jane Fairfax is the orphan who grew up with her aunt, Miss Bates, and Grandma Mrs. Bates, but she was always excited when she grew old. Several times they read all their letters though it is considered exaggerated - while having tea with Henry and Emma Woodhouse.

Jane is an orphan whose only family is an aunt, Miss Bates, and Grandma Bates. She is considered a beautiful and elegant woman in the best ways and is also very talented in singing and playing the piano. He's the only person who respects Emmy. However, she is lucky and shows a desire to become a ruler. Jane Fairfax serves as an Emma rival and perhaps the second heroine in the novel. Unlike Emma, Jane is private with her affairs, especially to keep her secrets. We do not get much information about Jane's character, especially because the narrator usually shows Emma’s perspective and does not want to go to Jana's success.

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Jane Fairfax in the Essays