Jeff is a former Glader, another professional Med-jack. However, he was not a Med-jack from the very beginning and wanted primarily to be a Runner. Jeff is rather a large tall boy with a buzz cut hair and a high-pitched voice. Practically, there is not a lot of information about the character. The fact that is known is that the hero is named after Thomas Jefferson. He is also nearly sixteen and is a well-built skinny guy.  Jeff basically appears in those moments when somebody needs medical help. As well as Clint, Jeff does everything possible to satisfy the needs of Gladers and help them when they need his medical aid. He is a loyal Med-jack who never refuses to help others. To be more precise, Jeff plays a very important role when Gladers are hurt by Grievers. Every time when somebody needs any help, Jeff and Clint work in cooperation with each other to make sure that all needs are met effectively. For instance, when Teresa needs their help, Jeff grabs her by the arms while Clint takes hold of her feet. Lastly, Jeff is also seen in The Scorch Trials, and his fate is finally to die.  

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