Lara Buterskaya

Lara Buterskaya is a quiet and pretty girl who studies at Culver Creek. The author presents her as a minor and introverted character who does not play any major role.

The girl has long dark hair and is very attractive. Lara was born in Romania, and when she was twelve years old, she moved together with her family to the United States. She is a very educated girl. Even more, Lara is only one person in her family who can speak English freely and can translate. However, regardless of her language awareness, she has a Romanian accent that decreases her rhetorical skills. In the story, the readers may see Lara for the first time after Alaska and Miles make a deal - Alaska promises the boy to find a girlfriend for him. Lara becomes the first variant for the role of Miles's girlfriend. However, after the first date fails, Miles is embarrassed and ignores Lara.

Only after the prank, when the company spends time together, Miles and Lara start their relationship that does not last long. Nevertheless, after Miles makes a lot of mistakes, Lara eventually forgives the boy, demonstrating how big-hearted she is. Hence, she still accompanies Miles and Takumi to the hospital.

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