Miles Halter

Miles Halter is a leading character of the story. He embodies a person that many average teenagers may refer to. Being a junior at high school, he has no friends or a distinct position in society. Eventually, he decides to move to the Culver Creek boarding school. Considering that in the previous school the hero could not find himself. This fact contributed to his decision to start a new life full of adventurous. There are many events throughout the story that demonstrate that Miles is endlessly looking for the things that will make his life more exciting. Hence, this becomes the primary reason that contributed to his decision to leave the past. Being in the Culver Greek boarding school, Miles makes real friends and faces a lot of adventures that affect his personality.

In some time, the readers may see how the hero transforms into a confident and courageous boy who is not afraid of taking a risk. He becomes a social person and even smokes sometimes just to make new friends. He is also instantly attracted to Alaska who points out to him that one's life is truly a labyrinth. One day, the boy even lies to his parents just to spend more time with the girl. Finally, Miles blames himself for the death of Alaska.

The main reason is that he could not prevent her from getting in the car drunk. At the end of the story, exploring the Labyrinth of Alaska, the hero eventually realizes how to find the way out of "the labyrinth" of sufferings and pain.

Hence, Miles is the first character who finds that to leave the labyrinth of Alaska one should learn how to forgive. He becomes a truly enlightened person.

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