Takumi Hikohito

Takumi Hikohito is a student at Culver Greek who comes from Japan. He is a reliable friend for the major characters, including Miles Halter, Alaska Young, and Chip "The Colonel" Martin. He is a very talkative and lively person who always supports others. Talking about the boy's friendship with Miles, Takumi gives a lot of valuable pieces of advice for the boy. Also, the boy is one of the most talented students at Culver Creek in many spheres.

Other students often prank Takumi because of his slim and agile build. However, the boy demonstrates strong academic achievements and is very interested in everything related to hip-hop. Talking about his family, the only fact readers know is that Takumi's grandmother died. Talking about his personality, the fact that proves that Takumi is a reliable friend is his devotion to secret deals. He demonstrates great skills in investigating various stuff and is truly good at keeping secrets of his friends. For instance, when the boy figures out that Alaska ratted out Marya before Alaska tells it to him, he does not even tell about this to Colonel who is his best friend. In comparison to other characters of the story, Takumi rarely appears in main events.

However, he still plays a significant role in defining Miles's life and in Alaska's death. Only at the end of the story, it becomes evident why Takumi has such a strong influence on his friends' destinies.

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