The Creators

The Creators are special agents who are the primary participants of the organization WICKED, or World In Catastrophe Killzone Experiment Department. In general terms, they design a variety of experiments which they conduct on the Claders who imprisoned them. They are shown as individuals with deathly faces and pale skin that have no emotions at all.  In a way, they look more like ghosts, and Thomas is firstly truly terrified when he meets them for the first time. They are also starving and angry. Besides, it seems that they look much happier when dead than when alive. In fact, Thomas, Chuck, Teresa, and Minho meet them after they escape the Maze. The creators elaborate the Trials with the first aim to stimulate specific patterns in the Killzones of two groups of subjects.  The models later are used to research who they are and why exactly their brains are immune to the Flare. After that, it becomes possible to create a needed cure. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that the creators are indeed not immune to the Flare. Therefore, when the outbreak in WICKED takes place, Thomas and Teresa are supposed to kill them all. In the story, this event becomes known as The Purge.’

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