Thomas, the main protagonist of the book, is one of the creators of the Maze together with Teresa Agnes. He is the last guy who comes into The Glade - a square place surrounded by a high Maze. In the beginning, one may see that all the citizens of The Glade treat him with some kind of caution. However, Thomas actually does not remember anything from the past, but only the fact that his name is Thomas. In the story, Thomas forms a close friendship with Teresa, whose face he is dreaming even before the girl arrives. He is truly afraid and angry that he cannot remember what he does there. He tries endlessly to find the answers to his questions and fails to do it. However, in some time, Thomas succeeds to get citizens' trust. He rescues Alby, the leader of the group, and proves that everyone can trust him without any doubt.  He is a curious and brave hero and possesses other qualities the Gladers needed. To be more precise, the first feature the hero possesses is an excellent intelligence and logic. Thomas easily solves various complicated puzzles and challenges, and successfully finds the ways out of all sticky situations. In fact, he is also the first who gains the code for the Maze. Secondly, Thomas is actually a brave person and is ready to do everything for the sake of his friends.  Also, the hero possesses a great charisma, and everyone tends to listen to him and obey the orders he states, regardless of his young age. Lastly, he is one of those individuals who are not ready to follow the rules without expressing personal opinions. As a result, he tries to form an escape plan, contrary to other boys who are ready to follow the rules of living in the Glade without thinking. 

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