Winston is the keeper and slicer of the Blood House, the place where animals are killed for providing food for Gladers. Contrary to what the readers may think, he truly loves his job and enjoys killing animals. It is difficult to say exactly whether he is named after a British scholar Robert Winston or Winston Churchill. Talking about his appearance, the hero is rather a short but very muscular guy, in good shape. In most situations, he is an earnest hero who never talks a lot and never makes jokes. Probably, it is his job that has made him such a serious person.  As might be expected, due to his occupation, Winston is especially creepy Glader. In one episode, he presents Thomas which pens held which animals. After Thomas sees how Winston slaughters a pig for a meal, he promises never to eat pork again. He feels disdain and his primarily desire to work with animals disappears. The hero realizes that, unlike Winston, he is not ready to be a slicer. Also, Winston always adheres to the established rules. During Thomas's trial, Winston recognizes that Thomas has acted very bravely. However, he insists on the punishment to teach others the lesson.

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