Zart is the keeper of the Track-hoes and is one of the first keepers who work with Thomas. He is not a talkative person at all and is generally described as being a broody and big man. However, he is physically strong and perfectly performs his job. Talking about his appearance, he also has black hair, a long face, and droopy eyes. Other Gladers sometimes refer to him merely Zart the Fart. In the book, the readers see Zart for the first time as the Keeper of the Track-hoes and only one person willing to answer any question. In general, his primary job is to shift in his seat watching over the Gardens. From the first days Thomas spent in the Maze, Zart was with him a lot of time doing the job in the Garden. Because of that fact, Zart supported Thomas during his trial and stated that he should not be punished. Zart is also shown as a very brave and loyal person throughout the story. In fact, he appears at Gatherings and also he is the keeper who leads the Banishment of Ben. At the end of the novel, Zart is killed by a Griever during the one-night raid.

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