Entertainment Law Summary: Overview and Variety of Legal Fields

Since we live in a rapidly developing world of media, the legislative base of media law in this industry is becoming progressively compulsory. With the continuous growth of technology, show business, more and more lawsuits will swirl, which prompted the need for a law on amusements and lawyers in this field.

Today, more and more students want to study this profession, as it promises an interesting career, star acquaintances and plunges into the world of show business.

The Entertainment law is such a field of legal practice that includes understanding of many disciplines of law at the same time. Some lawyers can deal with legal proceedings, others with transactional work or negotiate various transactions.

Entertainment Law Information

The Entertainment Law applies in such areas as theaters, publishers, music, television, and cinema. However, due to the fact that these spheres of activity have special economic judgments, despite this, almost all types of law are involved in them.

This category of law is not one-sided since almost all areas of law are applied here. For example, this type of law needs a clear insight of how to enter into contracts (which is a contract law), agreements, copyright issues and the like. With the same questions, attorneys from different corporations are faced. This shows that in such a rapidly developing world of entertainment, an entertainment lawyer should be an expert in every branch of law.

This legal field is quite complex, as it is not known to the majority and therefore erroneous opinions and inexpensive opinions often arise. Many believe that this branch of law is full of celebrities and glamor. Unluckily, the reality of this law is far from bright and glamorous. In this industry of business transactions are carried out on large amounts of money, so also with very difficult people.

Media Law as a Legal Field

The media law regulates the censorship, the Internet and online services, advertising, information technology, this entire telecommunications industry.

For today, this area of ​​law is gaining its importance, as the media does not stand still and develop with every minute. Even video games and stars are controlled by this right, while a century ago there were only live or printed performances.

The most common legal services in this industry are transactions and litigation.

Entertainment Law categories

Some of the areas of law that are intertwined in the Law of Entertainment:

  • Contracts
  • Trademark Law
  • Copyright
  • Unfair Competition
  • Trade Secret
  • Right of Privacy
  • Right of Publicity
  • Defamation
  • Employment law
  • Secured Transactions
  • Securities law
  • Tax
  • Royalty agreement
  • Real Property
  • Community Property
  • Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts)
  • Constitutional law
  • Labor and Employment
  • Discrimination
  • First Amendment
  • Trespass
  • Conversion
  • International law

In each of these issues, there are usually quite complicated negotiations and deals. Therefore, in this area of ​​law, it is necessary to have a highly qualified lawyer.

Why Do You Need Entertainment Lawyers and What Do They Do?

The most common mistake is that most people think that they will not need a lawyer.

On the reverse side of the medal, the entertainment world includes many complexities that can be handled by a good lawyer.

If the sphere of your activity is in any way connected with this specific industry, then most likely sooner or later you will need the consultation of a lawyer. In what cases can professional legal assistance be required?

  • When you conclude a contract or sign it
  • When you violated the terms of the contract, or the second party violated these conditions
  • Consultation when clarifying the right of distribution and publication
  • Your intellectual property was stolen

Every time you have any doubts about this industry, you have to ask the experts for help in order to avoid various difficulties.

Do you want to be an Entertainment lawyer? As mentioned earlier, this area of ​​law is quite complex, which means that in order to be a really successful lawyer you will have to work hard. You do not confine yourself to knowing only popular legal theory or types or royalties.

Since a lawyer should be prepared to provide the best results for his customers from this unusual area. Attorneys will have to face negotiations, contracting, litigation and permanent copyright protection. However, despite all the difficulties, this work is very exciting and will not let you just sit on the spot.