What are the Different Types of Lawyers?

In the modern world, there are many different types of lawyers. It is really important to understand what lawyers exist because sooner or later everyone can face the need for their services. Also, this understanding is important for businesses deals that need legal services and for those who wish to link their destiny with a legal career. Today we will review 14 types of lawyers and their activities.

14 Different Types of Lawyers

American legal education is considered one of the best in the world. It is popular not only within its own country but also far beyond its borders. First of all, this is explained by the practical orientation of lawyers in the United States.

Since there are many laws, accordingly there are many lawyers who specialize in different areas, starting with environmental questions, ending with questions about medicine. We provide you with information about some types of lawyers list in the US.

Public Interest Lawyer

What do these lawyers do? They are focused on the public interest of society; their goal is to provide assistance to society. They can represent clients who do not have the opportunity in a private lawyer. Often, such lawyers are provided by the state to clients. They can also take part in drafting legislation and reforming the judicial process. However, such lawyers have the lowest salary and they work in non-profit or government institutions.

Business Lawyers

Such lawyers deal with acquisition, merger or business. Business or corporate lawyers provide legal advice on commercial law to various companies. Also, they help in concluding transactions and contracts.

Private Sector Lawyer

Such lawyers mainly work for private companies and law firms. They belong to a broad category of lawyers. The range of their actions is much greater than that of the public sector lawyers. The same applies to salaries, depending on the firm in which they work.

Trial Lawyer

In the main, trial lawyers focus their activities on such areas as medical negligence or on corporate law. There are also criminal and civil defense lawyers. Lawyers decide for themselves whether they will be concentrated: the criminal law or civil law litigation.

Immigration Lawyer

Such lawyers are engaged in registration of documents for obtaining a visa or a green card. They also protect immigrants who are faced with the issue of the deportation. As laws change, many experience difficulties with the immigration process, so the need for immigration lawyers is growing.

Estate Planning Lawyer

The activity of such lawyers is based on the development of legal documents, wills, trusts and power of attorney. Such attorneys help their clients with questions about the real estate. For example, what will become of the property after their legal capacity or death. Also, such legal activity is connected with consideration of tax consequences.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Such lawyers help their clients get a refund for damage in the aftermath of getting physical, mental or personal injury, and also in the aftermath of medical negligence or for low-quality products and so on.

Toxic Tort Lawyer

This is a special kind of lawyers for injuries. They protect customers who are affected by exposure to toxic substances, toxic air, water, pharmaceuticals and even cosmetic products. It is quite a specific and complex sphere of legal activity.

Civil Rights Lawyer

In this area there are different types of lawyers. This is due to the civil law on which their activities are based.

Criminal Law Lawyer

In this type, there are two subtypes of lawyers of criminal law: prosecutors and lawyers. What is their activity? Prosecutors represent the interests of the state and prosecute criminal cases against persons who have committed crimes when the lawyers protect people who are accused of a crime. They often interact with judges and lawyers, on the other hand, concluding deals. Lawyers receive a large salary, and prosecutors and public defenders less.

Entertainment Lawyer

Such lawyers deal with issues related to entertainment. Such lawyers conclude many business deals and contracts. They can deal with intellectual property issues, trademarks, and copyrights.

Real Estate Lawyer

This kind of lawyers deals with all sorts of issues that are related to property and real estate. Some can deal exclusively with transactions (that is, buying or sale) or issuing documents. Others represent their clients in court.

Digital Media and Internet Lawyers

This type of lawyers deals with all kinds of legal issues that arise due to the use of mobile phones, the Internet, tablets and computer systems.

Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Whatever one may say, even lawyers need lawyers. Lawyers can be accused of violating their professional activities. They can be accused of his negligent activities and violation of professional ethics.