Hypocrisy in “To Kill a Mockingbird”

The author wants to show us, over the inhabitants of Maycomb, that society can even unconsciously be hypocrites. He shows that the hypocrisy and inequity exist in the civilization persistently and most of it does not even realize or does not want to recognize.

The author shows us that the most citizens are not really who they are trying to look like. The most part of loyal citizens, who are really admired by the real hypocrites. This is the dissimulation from all that has deprived the child of the Scout of childhood and childish naivety.

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Just imagine that at this age a child faces hypocrisy. The main reason why is because the hypocrisy is as much an integral part of the city as the church. The child faces the dissimulation of the people every day. For instance, her teacher suggests about how poor Africans are, but at once expresses her point of view that black people in the humanity are an undeniable shame.

In this book, the reader will face a situation that is full of racism, dissimulation, and injustice. Also, this situation very clearly reflects the fact that people are hypocritical. The reader will see how they accuse a dark-skinned man of a crime he clearly did not commit. No one is aware of the fact of his innocence, except Atticus. In the aftermath, Atticus becomes the same object of contempt as a black man, Tom. Kids of Atticus are constantly reproached and called because their father protects a blameless person.

The judge believes that if he justifies Tom, then he is waiting for a series of outrage and harassment from society since this happens with Atticus. Inhabitants discuss the poor Africans, a bunch of gossip women even collect money for them. But did somebody think that there are poor people in their city? Did somebody other than Atticus try to help Tom? Alas, the inhabitants live and create hypocrisy and inequity without even suspecting it.

Harper Lee uses dissimulation to show how Maycomb people are so engulfed in a multitude of elements that they unknowingly commit acts of unreasonable injustice. It is a problem that is the truth of the whole novel. Some see hypocrisy and inequity, but very quickly ignore it in themselves. This ignores ultimately leads to the fact that these complications of humanity are rooted in every person. This terrible society the author desired to demonstrate us with the hope that this would be a great lesson for the whole world. 

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