To Kill a Mockingbird Context

To Kill a Mockingbird Context

Original title:
To Kill a Mockingbird
Published May 23rd 2006 by Harper Perennial Modern Classics (first published July 11th 1960)
ISBN 0061120081 (ISBN13: 9780061120084)

There are just few books that are absolutely obligatory to read at any high school throughout the US and one of them is “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.

The book is a multifaceted story of three kids who manage to lead a fun teenager life together while discovering very grown up concepts. Morality, rape, racial injustice, friendship, unfairness, fear, differences. Life is fickle: one day you will run down the street just to get past your neighbor’s house as fast as possible. The next day he will come to your rescue in times of crisis.

Scout, Jim and Dill are smart kids whose character makes the book what is it: they are curious, they are courageous, they see right through the cover up of human pretending and lies directly into their actual intentions.

And even though a white lawyer Atticus defending an innocent African American in court isn’t a protagonist of the story, we can’t help but glorify his courage and unswerving devotion to serve the rule of law and justice. During the trial we see that justice is a subjective manner. And a man’s life is lost because of that.

The beauty of the book is its simplicity. Without actual words the reader understand exactly who is not truthful in front of the court. The reader has no trouble to arrive at a conclusion who hides treasures in the whole of the Boo Radley tree. And who finally kills the attacker with the most pure intentions.

And just like it always happens, the culprit turns out to be the savior of the day in the end. Some might call it double standards, others call it life. But you can’t help but find yourself rooting for the good cause while reading through the book pages.

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