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Harper Lee

Nelle Harper Lee was born on April 28, 1926, in a small town of Monroeville in the southwestern of the state of Alabama. She was the youngest daughter of Amasa Coleman Lee and Frances Finch Lee. The family had three other children. Her father used to own a newspaper and worked as an editor there. Frances Lee was also a lawyer and a public servant between the years of 1926 and 1938. Harper...

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Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian playwright, one of the renovators of universal theater, was born on 20 March 1828 in Skien, Norway. His father owned a spirit’s distillery that went bankrupt when he was six years old. When Ibsen was fifteen years old, he went to live in Grimstad, not far from his hometown, where his father had obtained a position of an assistant to a pharmacist. His contacts with...

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At the very beginning of the Greek culture, there is a name of legendary Homer. He is an ancient Greek writer and author of the well-known poems “Iliad” and “Odyssey”. Like a rising sun, Homer is a sparkling flash emerging from the darkness of the Hellenic world and shedding light on Ellas and its people. Even though even up until today there is no bulletproof evidence...

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