The Iliad Study Guide

The Iliad Study Guide

Original title:
April 29th 1999 by Penguin Classics (first published -720)
ISBN 0140275363 (ISBN13: 9780140275360)

The “Iliad” is a great story of the battle of Troy written by Homer. It is a marvelous book and it doesn’t matter if Homer wrote it by himself or just collected the numerous poems and songs of vagarious artists of that time. It is often called the first work of world literature that talks about all problems of humanity. 

Imagine a war between the Greeks (Achaians) and the Troyans that lasts for nine long years. The reason is a woman named Helena, who is a sister-in-law of the Achaians King Agamemnon. The Achaian troops are becoming weaker and weaker, they suffer from diseases and lack of resources. The nights are full of funeral fires. 

Because of the quarrel with the King, Achaians best warrior named Achilles joins the other side. But when his army is getting close to being completely destroyed, he sends his companion Patroklos to the battlefield, dressed in Achilles’ armor. This trick inspires the Achaians and terrifies the Troyans, the course of the battle changes until the great warrior is killed. 

Achilles decides to face sure death and calls for revenge. His rage leads his fellow soldiers to a victory and he manages to kill the best soldier of Troy, Hektor. He finds it in himself to allow his enemy a proper burial and returns Hektor’s body to his parents.  

With lots of duels and godly interventions, death and love, the duty of family and the duty of the state, this poem can be truly called the story of a lifetime. It was repeated over and over in millions of other works and it continues to reveal numerous interpretation opportunities within the contemporary morals and standards. 

One can say that “Iliad” is the kind of book that makes you proud of yourself after having finished reading the text. It isn’t the easiest to comprehend, but it's worth thinking it over, letting it into your heart and experience the spirit. 

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