The Things They Carried Study Guide

The Things They Carried Study Guide

Original title:
The Things They Carried
Published December 29th 1998 by Broadway (first published 1990)
ISBN 0767902890 (ISBN13: 9780767902892)

Most of the war stories that have acquired wide attention among the public are about World War I or World War II. Tim O’Brien wrote a popular book about Vietnam War that was published in 1990 and provoked a lively debate, both among political and historical circles. 

“The Things They Carried” is a collection of stories about a writer who is also a veteran. During the plot, he plunges into his experiences during a Vietnam War. He comes to realize the meaning of these experiences through his own reflections. The reader is exposed to painful revelations, such as the author’s intent to flee from the duty and not actually believing into the war he was fighting. 

O’Brien describes people he met and served with. With some of them, he even met up after the war in a social setting remembering those who didn’t live to see the light of a peaceful day. Among them Jimmy Cross whom the author describes as unskilled and inexperienced, yet who held a top position at a military company. 

The name of a collection draws from a literary style the writer employs to describe other characters. He shows a person’s personality by portraying the things they carry: from physical items to emotions and feelings. It’s hard to distinguish the truth in the text and the author himself spends a long time debating that the truth is what touches our soul and not always with facts and proof.

The novel is tightly interlinked with other O’Brien’s works. It is full of characters that share some of the traits of the real people and introduces the author himself as a central actor in the story. At the same time, it is also a work of fiction with its imaginary Alpha Company and a protagonist with the same name. It is a memoir about war, it is an autobiography, it is a fiction and a non-fiction at the same time. Most importantly, it’s worth reading at least once in a lifetime. 

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