List of the 8 Most Important Communication Skills

Nowadays communication has become one of the most important aspects of success. Good communication is the heart of every company. It is not all about “social character.” It is about engaging people in what you are doing, even if they are not interested in that. It is about the listening and reacting.

It is all about effective communication skills, which include:

  • Active listening;
  • Identification of nonverbal cues;
  • The certainty of yourself;
  • Writing communication skills;
  • Interpersonal communication skills;
  • Oral communication skills;
  • Effective cooperation;
  • Selling skills.

What are Some of the Biggest Communication “musts”?

Careful listening and feedback are the first steps in building a strong and productive partnership. However, not just listening, but hearing the speaker. Ability to analyze and react to the information, ask questions and hear answers allows your client, partners, and coworker to be sure your engagement in the discussed theme. Active listening to a speaker means intensity, empathy, acceptance and a willingness to take responsibility for the speaker’s intended meaning. Providing feedback, or response completes the communication process.

Making a powerful presentation before the audience is an art and challenge by itself. The way you appear before the audience is going to reinforce the impression. Have a pleasant feeling about yourself. Your posture should reflect how confident you are.

Nonverbal messages are always present. Intentionally or not, our body sends signals to those with whom you communicate. If you are a successful communicator, you should mention that. A kind of a smile, eyes, facial expressions and body position are the signals, which can be analyzed and used.

In today’s fast-paced business world, the traditional management hierarchy has gone, and team working is now on fire. In such a team-based environment, it is important to study and understand how groups work together. You must learn to listen and watch other people attentively so that you interpret all the nonverbal cues you receive.


Undoubtedly, it is a crucial skill. Your main aim is to make the audience believe you and in your words. That is why make your speech persuasive. On the other hand, do not forget about your facial expressions and gestures – that factor can cause a different effect. We highly recommend you to create confident atmosphere beforehand as it will encourage the audience to respect you as a speaker.

Reading Nonverbal Cues

That skill is connected with the body language. You should make the logical chain of your speech and gestures. Obviously, you need to train that skill to be the professional speaker. Your task is to enrich your verbal speech with the nonverbal. Believe that will provoke an excellent result.

Listening skills

The person should hear what she/he is speaking about. That ability will invoke other people to take part in your communication activity. To show that you are the active listener you should ask questions and note something. That will show that you are interested in the presented information.

Writing skills

Communication is both written and oral activity. Do not underestimate its written aspect. The well-educated person should be the master of the word and write the concise but effective content.

Verbal skills

It is the ability to spread the information. The verbal communication should be grammatically correct and rich in different literature devices. That is the main symbol of the person’s erudition. If you want to be a good communicator you should practice and read a lot.

Interpersonal communication skills

The main essence of that skill is to build a good relationship with the team. You have to find the one ground with the stakeholders.

Teamwork skills

We reckon that teamwork skill is the crucial thing when you want to occupy the leading position. All people are different that is why you should find the personal approach and be kind to each person. You should realize that the combined forces are better than single work.

Selling skills

That is a skill that aims to influence someone attitude towards the idea. It is the right and “soft” way to convey your thought and find the people who will support it. Nevertheless, it is not enough to look good to sell your idea, mention it.

Tips to Improve Communication

  1. Exhibit eye contact.
  2. Avoid interrupting the speaker.
  3. Don’t talk too much.
  4. Body movement with gestures.
  5. Speak clearly.
  6. Control the space.
  7. Arrange your ideas logically.
  8. Be honest.
  9. Smile genuinely, as a fake one will be obvious.
  10. Recognize cultural differences.