Self-Management Skills: Define, 3 Keys and Why it`s important?

From time to time people don’t understand the true meaning of simple words. What can we say while talking about self-management? Someone can think that it sounds like being a boss. It is, but it doesn’t always mean that you should have your own business.

Moreover – it means that a person needs to take on the responsibility for her/his actions and do all the things in the very best way. It shows that you can organize yourself, your working process, which you can include new ideas (which is needed now in the entire world, because people try to hire someone who thinks in a non-standard way).

A question may appear: Why do employers typically hire people they believe to have strong self-management skills? Because in this situation employers see that you are a boss of you! That in any hard situation you can gather yourself, a team and cooperate the working process.

What are the main three keys of self-management skills? Well, initiative, organization, and accountability are important.

  1. If you see yourself as a person who is accountable, it means that you can take responsibility. You can take control, and work hard to the best results of the whole group and team. In a situation when the thing you’re responsible goes wrong, you’ll do your best to improve and succeed using your skills of problem-solving. All this is accountability. It’s all about your attitude to the task, not only about successful ending result.
  2. Initiative people are like fresh air on a hot summer day. Employers are people just like we are. From time to time they feel like they are finished with all exciting ideas, and they need someone to help. Initiative people have that feeling inside like: “OMG, I want to improve it!” or “Yes, I see how to deal with that disease!”. Don’t sit and watch, act, perform, gain goals and people will see you.
  3. Being organized will help you not just at work but in all aspects of your life. Isn’t it great to get it where pen, pencil, notebook, and laptop are? Why can’t all the things be in their places? Also, having notes of what to do, you’ll ever miss or oversleep important meeting or work. Organized people are valuable ones.

Having all those three skills can guarantee you a place at work. But that’s not all.

Self-Management Skills Definition

Self-management is the very important thing which will help you during all life. It helps to achieve the goals, manage time, and organize life. While you work on yourself, develop motivation; comprehend things, you want to do, and you will be powerful and strong. Effective self-management will help you avoid stress, give you more opportunities to get involved in any interesting activities, and will show you the world.

Several strategies exist to improve it.

  • Try not to stop monitoring things, don’t leave situations as like they are, stay involved, watch and then work on the strategy.
  • At the same time watch the thing that surrounds you, evaluate everything, and thing through risks.
  • And, of course, always make reinforce. Aggravate your thoughts, words, actions with more facts – always.
  • Also, stop making excuses – instead of that work on new challenges excluding previous mistakes.
  • Focus on effort, not results.
  • Use positive thoughts, phrases.

How to build and improve self-management skills

How to develop those three skills if you’re not capable of that? As we all conceive self-management skills in school and work are in both places essential. Starting from school, we can train ourselves.

  • Start own blog, activity or project and lead it.
  • Become a volunteer for charity events; try to come up with ideas that will work on a useful result.
  • Do homework according to the plan, throw away phrases like “I didn’t understand, that’s why I didn’t do that,” “I’m not very smart for this exercise.” We all are capable of being smart; the only thing we should do – is working and training our brains.
  • Start making lists, schedules to control your life.
  • Even having a huge amount of work to do, focus and always divide work into smaller parts to be more productive. Start from harder and end up with easier (after that your brain, before going to bed will not work very fast as it could be if you ended up with hard tasks. Our brain work all the time, then value and respect it).

These are several examples of how to show up at school, and develop your skills. Be active, and you’ll succeed. Self-management skills are important in our life, especially in the 21st century. If you start working on yourself from this moment you will have strong organizational skills as well as initiative and accountable ones in the future.

7 Self-Management Skills Every Manager should have

And finally, we come to the most important part – to the list of self-management skills.

  • Stress management.

Every job has stress. From time to time we face situations where we need to be very resistible. To avoid all that dark circles under eyes, grey hair – try not to think over all that dozens of reports all the time. Memorize – work will never make you dinner, or will not talk with you in the evening.

Try to leave your work at work, and think only about things that surround you while you’re at home. In such situation, you won’t have bad appearance and nerves, which aren’t good friends in self-management.

  • Time management.

Every person knows that time is a very precious thing. The manager knows it even more. If you train yourself to be effective, time management will become inherent. To train successfully always prioritize the things you need to do, remove waste and redundancy, communicate with team and share information.

  • Organizing skills.

Organize everything; lay things in proper places that way they could be within reach all the time.

  • Problem-solving.

As a manager, you need to be simply fearless in the face of any difficult situation. You have to be able to patch up the dispute and see who is correct and wrong. You need to be fair.

  • Decision making skill.

People are different, that’s why a lot of thoughts exist – be ready to find the best clue and make the decision which will work for the whole team.

  • Confidence.

Believe in you, team, work and ideas. And people will see that exciting result is a matter of time. That the only thing they should do is to rely on you.

  • Self-protection.

Simply love yourself, because no one else will do that instead of you. Do exercises, practice, eat healthy food, and of course sleep all 8 hours. If you live in harmony with yourself, all bad things will seem like a trifle.

Believe that we want to help you. That’s why we wish you good luck in developing your self-management skills!