The Awakening Study Guide

The Awakening Study Guide

Original title:
The Awakening
2006 by Elibron Classics (first published 1899)
New Orleans, Louisiana (United States) Grand Isle, Louisiana (United States)
ISBN 0543898083 (ISBN13: 9780543898081)

“The Awakening” by Kate Chopin is an American novel that focuses on the confrontation of developing women’s views and outdated society attitudes towards it. The fact that even today in some communities the book still provokes confrontation means that the feminism still has a long way to go. 

The protagonist of the story is Edna Pontellier. And while her husband thought too much about children, Edna cared too little about them. A perfect match, you would say? But the society threw stones into both of them for not fitting into the accepted norms and standards. 

Edna spends her whole life according to the existing norms: caring for her husband, cleaning the household, bringing up children, and hosting guests. She is tired of the vicious cycle. All of the sudden she decides to do as she likes for once in her life. Neither her or people around her are allowed to do so and it’s going to be something new and dangerous for the heroine. But she accepts the risk. That’s all for the plot. 

But written in a world where no feminist thought made it to publishing yet, the novel was quickly proclaimed scandalous. Needless to say that at first the book was widely criticized and the author was stamped to be immoral and indignant rather then courageous and brave. But once the society got past it, readers started noticing great wording, lively characters, and unique language. 

The style of the story is a masterpiece on its own. The author managed to remain close to reality and at the same time going into deep psychological analysis, as well as inserting comments regarding the social situations of the time. The trick to appreciating the novel is not to judge the moral traits of the characters but enjoy it in the whole. 

Event those who aren’t very much interested in feminism works should give “The Awakening” their attention. It shows the origins of the movement for female rights and the conditions and backdrop against which it was developing. It laid the ground for such great American writers as Faulkner, Hemingway and James who took the stage a bit later. 

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