George Orwell

George Orwell (named Eric Arthur Blair at birth), is a British writer, author of numerous essays, journalistic articles and one of the most controversial people of his time. He is the man who revolted against the society, the one he wanted to be part of so badly. He wrote about himself that he...

Ralph Ellison

Do you know that Ralph Ellison (1913-1994) was an American critic and novelist? He made a significant impact on the developing of American literature. The most famous book that made him a well-known author is Invisible Man.


Early life

He was the second child and...

Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe (September 13, 1660 – April 24, 1731) is one of the most prolific English writers of all times. Having approximately 200 pen names, he had written hundreds of works on politics, religion, crime, and psychology. The novel that brought this writer worldwide popularity is...

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