Great Expectations Study Guide

Great Expectations Study Guide

“Great Expectations” is not the first novel written by Charles Dickens and many critics wouldn’t agree to call it his best. But it is definitely a magnificent work of literary art to discover. It encompasses the author’s great style, scenes from his previous works, and themes that touch so deeply into reader’s soul.

An orphan named Pip lives together with his sister and her husband Joe. The sister’s way of treating Pip is very tough: she constantly scolds the boy, and sometimes even beats him up. On the contrary, he has a very warm relationship with Joe. It’s through Joe’s relatives that Pip gets to meet Estella under quite weird circumstances. The boy enters into a dreary and dull house to find the hostess dressed in an old yellow wedding dress… Not a typical beginning of a love story.

Once again Charles Dickens managed to mix the incompatible themes. In a middle of terrible poverty, death, and misery, time stops and there’s love brewing. After that encounter Pip’s attitude and philosophy changes. For the first time in his life, he wants to be better and strive for more. He is ashamed of his origins, relatives, education, and future.

When Pip inherits a secret legacy from an unknown man, he takes on a journey to make his life more sophisticated and elegant. Slowly but surely he turns into a gentleman. Narrated in the first person, the plot of the book is confusing and makes things even more complicated. The protagonist looks back at what he’s done with his life and discusses every mistake he’s made.

One thing we all look for in world literature is the way to enhance personal growth and ensure personal development through discovering the experiences of the imaginary characters and living through them. “Great Expectations” is a whole work of art that focuses on man’s growth and improvement. Those of you who dream of a better future must start with reading “Great Expectations” first.

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