Call Center Marketing: Benefits

Any organization cannot exist without its clients and financial investments. Therefore, in order to make a profit, the organization must constantly be attentive and active in relations with its potential and existing customers. The maintenance of your own call center is one of these opportunities.

Definition Call Center Marketing

The definition of a call center can have, for example, the following wording: it is a set of hardware and software tools and algorithms designed to register user requests, their routing, control of the solution of problems and output of the resulting information to the user.

Actually, the call center consists not only of technical means for intelligent routing of incoming calls but also of employees: operators and managers. Obviously, the efficiency of the operator's center is largely determined by the human factor - the professionalism of operators and managers is not in the last place. Moreover, in the modern world, marketing call center is an integral part of the business, integrated into it, and, in fact, it changes the perception of how to conduct business.

The Benefits of Call Center Marketing


Call center agent is a high-class professional who turns a call from a confused, frustrated or angry client into a rich stream of impressions, information and ideas and most importantly, additional sales. However, this advantage of call center marketing is achieved not only due to the professionalism of the staff. At the disposal of agents of the call-center, there are the most modern technical tools, allowing reacting effectively to inquiries of subscribers. The most important of these tools is the computer telephone integration. CTI is a combination of telephone and computer subsystems into a single system that allows customers to get the service at a qualitatively new level. Thanks to this integration, at the moment when the agent hears the phone ringing, a window opens on his computer screen, in which it is written how to greet the caller and how to continue the conversation. Then the agent listens to the question, marks it, and the program, according to the scenario, automatically displays all information about the products that the caller is interested in. All this creates ideal conditions for professional processing of calls and, as a result, sales growth. That is why call center is used by telemarketing as one of the most powerful tools of cooperation with the customers.


Working with the call center provides you, in addition to all the above, the ability to collect a huge array of information about your existing and potential customers. Since agents during the conversation note what questions a person asks, you can get both a quantitative distribution of questions and recorded verbatim comments of your customers. Also, you can get a social and demographic "portrait" of those who are interested in your goods or services, find out what products of competitors they buy, etc.


You can use one number to receive calls for advertising (sales), and the second - to support existing customers (customer service). At the same time, the group for receiving advertising calls is formed from agents who have the ability to persuade, overcome objections and sell goods or services, and to work with existing clients - from agents who are thoroughly versed in the goods, able to explain by phone how to use the goods, able to give consultation on repair and familiar with the terms of warranty service. Since each of these two tasks is better handled by people of different temperaments and with training in different areas, your customers will always be served by a professional in their field thanks to the marketing to call center businesses.

Call Center the Key to Better Marketing


Here is another opportunity, the value of which for your business cannot be overestimated: having received in the call-center not one, but two or several phone numbers, you can place them in different sources of advertising and quantify which advertising brings a greater effect. Similarly, by placing the phone number of the call center in the advertisement, you will find out which advertising channels are the most responsive, and will be able to optimize the advertising budget.


Working with the call center, you can receive daily professionally compiled statistical reports, including any information that you want to see in your report. And, as you know, properly collected and analyzed statistics is the key to success in marketing and management of your company.


The ability to test various ways of "reaching out" to potential buyers, comparing the effectiveness of databases, assessing the effectiveness of options for presenting your services over the phone, analyzing various communication strategies makes the Call Center really a marketing laboratory. That is why call center industries include such wide areas of business activities. It is important that the technology of the call center allows you to track the results of any marketing experiments quantitatively in percentage, customers, and sales volumes.