The Complete Guide to Drip Marketing

In marketing, timing is a key factor. Did you send the letter too early? The potential customer is simply not ready to pay. Sent too late? He has already gone to your competitor. The method of drip marketing is an extremely important technique for every marketer.

What is Drip Marketing?

Drip Marketing Campaign is the PR of a business, product or person through a mailing, which is sent on a special "drip" schedule. This strategy is used, mainly, to maintain loyalty and attract new customers. The meaning of the distribution on the schedule is to remind, but not to irritate. Letters are sent with a frequency, which, according to psychologists, is optimal: the audience has time to miss the news and discounts. These messages are sent to the client via email, RSS subscriptions, push notifications. Simply put, the essence of drip marketing accurately conveys the wisdom of the people that you need to knock on the door and it will open. This method assumes that systematic beliefs on your part dispel the client's doubts, and he becomes compliant with the cooperation. Due to the fact that there are automated processes, it is quite easy to implement in practice.

What is a Drip Campaign?

Drip Campaign is a kind of schedule according to which the company sends letters or messages to its potential customers. This takes into account such factors as periodicity, involvement, and history of interaction with each buyer.

With this marketing, the main focus is on:

  • the relevance of the content used;
  • use of electronic mailings as a debugging link with users;
  • the benchmark is based mainly on the actions of the potential client, and not on the time that has elapsed since the moment of direct contact with him.

Lets’ check the following popular types of drip campaigns.

  1. Associative campaign. This campaign is aimed at forming in the minds of subscribers associations with your brand. For example, this is the situation when the word "burger" immediately causes associations with the McDonald's trademark.
  2. Educational campaign. This is a gradual presentation of educational information about the benefits of your product or service in order to prepare a subscriber for a purchase.
  3. Involving campaign. This implies the use of various marketing methods that will be aimed at causing a lost interest in goods/services. It is focused on turning customers of your competitors into your customers. This kind of "drip" campaign can be applied to those people who are at the stage of choosing goods from different manufacturers. In this case, it is worth giving them information about how your products/services favorably differ from competitors' products.
  4. Promotional campaign. The basis is the provision of various discounts, bonuses, shares, special offers, limited in time.
  5. Training Campaign. This is the holding of various pieces of training or courses, which are a series of email letters. Each letter ends with a specific task for the subscriber announcing the next message. It is also expected to achieve a certain result on the fact of passing the courses. This campaign is applicable both for beginners and for existing subscribers in order to involve them in more active interaction.

"Drop" email marketing is not limited to the above campaigns. Here everything depends on the imagination and experience of the marketer, as well as the market specificity of the activities of the owner of a particular business.

Key Benefits of a Drip Marketing Campaigns

A drip campaign provides the person with the information he needs at the right time. The necessary information and the right time are determined depending on the status and actions of the user. Additional parameters are demography, shopping list, geography, etc. For example, if someone just subscribed to the newsletter, he receives a welcome letter and this is the first "drop".

Two days later the subscriber receives a letter with useful information about the product, service or company and this is the second drop. If the client not for the first time comes to the page with the description of the premium account but does not dare to buy it, you can send him a list of five reasons to buy a VIP subscription - this can be a third, fourth and any other drop. The main thing is that it should be timely.

Pay attention: it is important not to try to sell something immediately. It is necessary to gradually draw the subscriber into the life of the product or brand. The beauty of "drip marketing" is that everything happens automatically - the letters are prepared in advance and the mailing service sends them on the basis of the subscriber's behavior, without the participation of the marketer. At the same time, the letter retains personalization: a personal appeal and individual content that corresponds to what the client needs now.