What is Cross Media Marketing?

Launching, developing and maintaining a marketing campaign requires a lot of time and effort, knowledge of the target audience and marketing trends. At the same time there are times when even the most advanced market analysts face an insurmountable wall when there is not enough fresh ideas to stand out from the competition. The concept of cross media marketing is the combination of various channels of communication with the consumer in order to obtain the most effective balance between audience coverage and depth of penetration.

Definition Cross Media Marketing

The cross media marketing involves the usage of different media forms to integrate your marketing message into the minds of people. Instead of selling the product exclusively on the website, cross-marketers use a combination of mobile applications, paid search results, ad links, TV commercials, YouTube videos, content marketing, printed brochures, radio and television ads, social media and other tools.

The cross-media marketing campaigns or joint advertising, is similar to a network of friends and acquaintances that you have on different social platforms. Such advertising expands the audience that can see your business. By the principle of mutual assistance, large, medium and small firms operate. As equal, and different in status, organizations conclude partnership agreements. For example, a popular and successful company can take under its wing a newly emerged small firm. In this case, the claimed brand performs the function of the locomotive. Is such a partnership profitable? It all depends on the terms of the contract.

Cross-marketing is not relevant in the following situations:

  • competition;
  • services or products that are unrelated and do not complement each other;
  • single price segment.

In the absence of cardinal contradictions, it makes sense to develop cross media marketing plan.

The tasks of cross-marketing are realized through:

  • reorganization of the production process;
  • distribution of ballots;
  • distribution of messages;
  • creation of referral systems;
  • joint activities.

Benefits of a Cross Media Marketing Campaign

  1. Using the program allows you to establish long-term relationships with different enterprises.
  2. Double use for consumers, which leads to their active response.
  3. Joint campaigning contributes to a significant reduction in advertising costs.
  4. Campaign results are visible right after they are held.
  5. Cross-marketing allows you to expand the marketing of products.
  6. Any joint cross-campaign gives a double effect compared to the campaigns that are conducted by each company separately.
  7. The application of the methodology positively affects the reputation of the firm.
  8. The possibilities to promote their own brand are significantly increased.

3 Effective Strategies for Joint Advertising

  1. The message related in meaning and purpose. Advertising, which carries different messages to different audiences, can create misunderstanding. If you hire specialists from an agency that engages in joint advertising, experts will formulate several advertisements in different forms aimed at different audiences so that the message will be the same for everyone, and different target audiences will understand it in the same way.
  2. Creation of a clear call to action. This point is important because it will determine the further actions of your target audience and the complex understanding of your advertising message.
  3. Personalized advertising. It is very important to add something personal to your advertising. This will give your brand a certain image, create trust to your brand and emphasize its identity, which will help to stand out from everyone. If you entrust this to a professional agency, it will be able to create an understanding between you and your customers through personalized emails and messages.

Thus, the benefits of participating in cross-marketing projects are obvious to every business owner. Combining efforts, a detailed, competent plan, expanding the client base will undoubtedly lead to healthy results and increased profitability.