What Is B2P Marketing, or New Format of Cooperation

Information and technological innovations have undermined differences between home and the market, gradually bringing people to Internet shopping. The latter helps to find necessary data on a priori given criteria taking into account all the personal wishes of a client. Or realize a new idea that came to his/her head and create what you want, interacting with companies, providing such opportunity. This trend is gaining momentum and requires a qualitative review of traditional marketing maneuvers. Unilateral communications give way to equal relations in which the buyer asks many specific questions and expects honesty from the entrepreneur.

Experienced marketers know that not companies make final purchase decisions, but only consumers. Professionals focus attention on the fact that the main element of effective marketing is absolute understanding of target audience and, accordingly, an adaptation of your ideas to its preferences. It is the principles of B2P that take into account variability of choice when creating and launching a company website.

B2P Definition

By B2P meaning is a set of methods for achieving optimal feedback between the business and the end user. If B2B strategy uses in its arsenal detailed analytical reports about demand, competitive offers and the amount of investment, then B2P-concept is aimed at the emotional component of advertising and establishing personal contact with the consumer.

Instead of the obsolete question “How can I convince a customer of the need to purchase?” it is considered an option “What exactly does an individual look for?” This tactic allows you to keep in mind the presence of unique personalities that do not fall into general market segmentation. Specialists who prefer such approach treat their potential clients not as faceless organizations, but as individuals with their own expectations.

Official sites are created to adapt information to a single person. With the help of Internet technologies, you could find out about the location of customers, the history of their views, or potential interests. Marketers have an ability to use clients’ online activity to quickly transfer different news.

For example, Amazon.com examines preferences of visitors in order to offer another product. Dell Computers reveals a creative potential of individuals by allowing them to “build their own gadgets” based on corporation’s components. Companies with pages in social networks could cooperate with fans through mailings and congratulations on memorable holidays. I.e., firms of all sizes are required to have several ways for communicating with customers, such as a chat or forum.

Why Does “B2P Marketing” Matter More Now?

The B2P campaign, as a rule, focuses on attracting people through social networks. The type of website is determined by products or services of the company. In the event that an item is sold directly to consumers, sites such as Facebook and Bebo are very useful. If target groups are experts, it's best to contact LinkedIn, Innocentive or TopCoder.

The latter allows registered users to actively exchange thoughts and discuss on a particular issue, share values or even frustrations. Directly participating in the dialogue, company’s representatives could immediately respond to the clients’ expectations, assess demand for the products offered, make a forecast for the next six months, inform a team about results, and monitor current personnel operations.

Researchers identify several reasons for turning to B2P marketing approach. First of all, it is a humanization of business. Personal contact with customers allows increasing the level of loyalty and recognition of the company among competitors. I.e. before a marketer is a task to become a voice of a large corporation in front of a multi-faceted audience, demonstrating its openness and accessibility to others. Firms appear in a new profitable light, namely as a team of professionals able to solve the problem.

Experienced specialists know how to adapt almost any product of the company to personal preferences, so as not to miss a potential client. When individuals understand that firm’s employees listen to their opinions and see their efforts to remedy the situation, they feel more confident about it. And trust is one of the most reliable sources of increasing profits in the modern world of competition.

The B2P partners require extensive scientific research. It's about interviewing, creating focus groups and other approaches. Regardless of the method chosen, a final result is a better understanding of the needs of your target audience. Such information will increase the success of marketing campaigns, creating a basic strategic platform. The task of the staff is to give a true value to the product or service.

What Are The Keys To Success for B2P Marketing?

Quality marketing begins when experts try to answer the questions: who is their client? How to get close to him/her? What is the focus on his/her attention? Among the steps of a successful marketing plan according to the principles of B2P are the following:

  • Create high quality, stable content for your website. First, the abundance of information garbage makes people appreciate really high-quality materials that meet their needs and solve problems. Secondly, regularly updated, relevant and SEO-optimized content in the blog helps to improve the company's position in search results and, accordingly, to increase the flow of organic traffic to the site. In addition, social channels could quickly increase a reach of the audience.
  • Make clear distinctions between your brand and consonant companies;
  • Personalize messages to consumers. Create an impression that they correspond with the best friend or mentor;
  • Work on the consistency of the dialogue. Only in this way, you will be able to track all changes in the model of customer behavior. Usually, consumers of expensive or exclusive goods interact more actively than buyers of essential ones. If you are from the “luxury” segment, then one of the most effective strategies will be permanent individual communication with each client and assigning a personal manager to him/her;
  • Activate in all meaningful social networks. Remember that effective content marketing is impossible without an approved publication plan. On the contrary, your actions will be inaccurate and chaotic;
  • Optimize your policy of storing personal data. While buyers appreciate an individual approach of manufacturers to their needs and desires, the vast majority still have serious concerns about providing companies with their information. Many have heard from acquaintances about cases of leakage and illegal use or have personally suffered from such violations, and therefore are not very inclined to show understanding if someone gets access to their data through the fault of the company.

Thus, B2P marketing is designed to achieve recognition of customers, from business partners to ordinary consumers. It is this strategy that allows you to effectively use your own communication skills and experience to gain more influence in the market. В2Р marketing considers as a strategic challenge for traditional tactical moves, providing a lot of prospects for the firm.