Outdoor Marketing: 7 Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Recently, outdoor advertising is very popular. And it's not accidental since one of the benefits of outdoor advertising is in the fact that it acts on a person unobtrusively unlike radio or television advertising, thereby not causing any negative emotions.

Definition Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor marketing is marketing aimed at an external customer, the direct buyer in order to obtain the maximum profit from him. Quite often, marketing actions cannot attract customers, it depends on the effectiveness of planning, setting goals and choosing the right means.

The Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Successful outdoor advertising campaigns allow talking about the following benefits of this type of promotion. They refer to coverage, frequency, flexibility and impact strength, as well as to the level of costs.

Coverage. Often an advertiser needs to saturate the market with advertising if the task is to present a new product or at least a new package of the old product. With the help of outdoor advertising tools, extensive coverage can be provided in almost one day. Even more important for the advertiser is the size of the audience covered by outdoor advertising. For the most part, this audience consists of young, educated, receptive and mobile members of society. This is a very attractive demographic group for national advertisers.

Frequency. Outdoor advertising has a high frequency. According to the results of the research, 9 out of 10 people, when the advertising campaign is saturated with 100 rating points, see certain advertising at least 29 times in a 30-day period. For people with a high level of education and relatively high income, this frequency is even higher.

Flexibility. Outdoor advertising gives the advertiser the opportunity to act more flexible. They can place their advertising at any geographical point in any of the markets across the country at the national, regional or local scale. The advertiser can buy outdoor advertising in only one city or a separate district of the city. Flexibility can be demographic. Advertising can be concentrated in places visited by young people, people with high incomes or representatives of specific ethnic groups. An important advantage of poster advertising is that it can be aimed at a certain audience with deliberate placement. Outdoor advertising can even find its audience by type of activity - housewives on their way to the department store for shopping, businessmen traveling to work or back, tourists on their way to the airport.

The cost. Outdoor advertising has the lowest cost of all other means, and tariffs vary depending on the size of a specific market and the required intensity of advertising. However, this may be one of the disadvantages for small businesses. Tariffs for national and local advertisers are the same. They are published monthly at different levels of the rating and vary considerably from one market to another. The difference arises from the mismatch of rent for real estate, the cost of labor and the size of the market. In large markets, tariffs are much higher.

Impact. All this is an additional advantage in favor of this cost-effective advertising tool. At relatively low costs, the advertiser can bring his rating to a very high level, covering his audience many times in a short period of time. Naturally, this is an ideal option for an advertiser whose advertising appeal is short, simple and categorical. Non-traditional methods used in outdoor advertising also reinforce the impression. Outdoor advertising is the most spectacular of all means of advertising. Thus, most common forms of outdoor advertising include the use of light, animation and magnificent colors.

And finally, while other means of advertising have to find their way to the consumer, outdoor advertising affects people when going to stores, at work and on vacation, day and night, increasing profits from selling the advertised goods. It also gives greater stability to the activities of such irregular business areas as hotel industry and motels, restaurants and amusement parks, tourist offices and car repair shops.

Types of Outdoor Advertising

Here are the main types of outdoor advertising.

  • An acrylight is one of the types of billboards. This is a transparent panel made of thick Plexiglas acrylic panels with engraved text, pattern or logo, with the use of the front side of a luminescent or LED backlight.
  • The poster is a kind of printed advertising medium that informs a wide audience about any upcoming events, it is a printed one-sided edition on large-size paper or cardboard, intended for sticking.
  • A banner is a linen billboard that can be decorated with full-color colorful images.
  • A firewall is an open-to-view wall of a building used to house advertisements, in the form of a billboard or a stretched panel, usually large.
  • A showcase is one of the means of advertising at points of sale. The main its task is to attract attention at the subconscious level.
  • A signboard is one of the means of outdoor advertising, placed in the places of outlets, as well as in the locations of companies and enterprises.

Few Words to Conclude

Outdoor advertising is one of the main engines of business. Along with other types of advertising, external advertising by right ranks second in the number of views and has a leading place in a number of marketing events. Every day, more and more businesses turn to advertising agencies for help. Enterprises prefer to use advertising for the purpose of recognizing the goods or services and make them more demanded.