What is Article Marketing and 6 Steps How to Do It

The appearance of a new company on the Internet is a step towards business development, attracting new customers, increasing the number of sales and, as a result, increasing the profit. But one presence in the network is not enough - it requires competent promotion of the brand, the correct submission of information about the company, receiving feedback from satisfied users, reviews, comments and so on. It is possible to provide brand recognition, increase customer revenue, attract customers and new partners, and save on expensive advertising agent services with the help of such tools as article marketing. Every penny invested in this sphere goes to creating a new image, promoting the site with articles, increasing the number of consumers or buyers and increasing profits.

Definition of Article Marketing

Effective online article marketing is a proven, reliable and effective method of promoting the company's website, traffic growth, increasing citation rates. Thanks to it, you can form a favorable attitude of the society to the individual, the product, the company (small or huge corporation), political or economic event. Article marketing includes writing an article that will bring practical benefit. For example, the article will be optimized for a key query of any software, but the article will tell you how to work with this program correctly, and good advice will be provided.

Steps to Article Marketing for Home Business Promotion

  1. Do the research. Find high-quality Internet resources: valuable in themselves, with decent design, with high conversion rates.
  2. Think about a theme. As a rule, the author has already made this step.
  3. Find keywords and phrases related to a particular product (service).
  4. Learn which keywords and phrases are better to use. For a quick selection of words, use the results of statistics of search queries and the analysis of competition for keywords in Google. Also, sort expressions, based on which you will compose an article for a target page.
  5. Evaluation of competition. Search for the keyword, the phrase composed after the completion of the steps above, and find your niche in which you can actually occupy high positions. Take into account how many results there are for each phrase and use for the title only those sentences that have no more than 35,000 results in the Google search. Above this number of requests, it will be very difficult to position your articles in the top ten search results.
  6. Always create an attractive headline. When writing an article, make the content informative and interesting, avoid implausible information, and include a link in the article. Do so that the reader can find the article by the exact name in the search.

Top 3 Myths about Article Marketing

  1. This does not work.
  2. This is only for professionals.
  3. SEO is more important than content.

The Goals of Online Article Marketing

The main purpose of article marketing is to create a complex approach to a product/service promotion. This is manifested in the following spheres.

  • PR on the Internet. This is the art of forming a favorable attitude of the Internet community to the product, person, company, event, etc. The main tasks of the PR within the scope of article marketing are informing about a new product, service, event, company, etc.; increasing the recognition of the individual/brand; increase in sales due to the increase in the level of confidence in the product, the individual, the company.
  • SEO. This implies the effective promotion of young sites and pages. The use of perpetual links allows you to safely gain growth in positions and facilitate further advancement in the TOP classic methods of search engine optimization.
  • The attraction of visitors. In the Internet community, this is better known as traffic promotion. The main tasks of traffic promotion are attracting target customers; increase in overall site traffic; increase the level of confidence in search engines.
  • Creation and support of reputation. Search engines are now the main source of customers on the Internet, and very many users pay attention to reviews about the company/person with whom they are going to cooperate. The main objectives of article marketing in the framework of this goal is to eliminate negative feedback from the field of visibility (crowding out the top 10-30); formation of a positive or neutral brand/profile in search engines; prevention of black PR.

Article Marketing Tips

Correct submission of the right information, the formation of the necessary "information field" and also cooperation with the masters of the article promotion, knowledge of psychology, understanding, and ability to control the levers of influence on the subconscious of potential customers is the key to a successful reputation management campaign.

The following article writing tips are aimed at writing literate and psychologically correct articles.

  • The title of the article is the first thing the reader pays attention to. The correctness of the name depends on whether the article (review) will be read or the reader will ignore the text. In the line of 70-100 characters, the content (idea) of the article is placed. The reader understands what he will see "inside" and whether he will be interested.
  • Content. An interesting title is only the first stage. The reader should also like the article from which he draws conclusions about the advantages and features of the company. After reading the text (review of the product or service), the person receives answers. He understands the advantages of applying to this or that company. The main thing is to convince the reader of the existence of a problem and the ease of solution.
  • A conclusion in an article, a review or a comment is an impetus for committing actions, buying (ordering) goods (services).

However, in order to use the article as the most effective tool, it makes sense to appeal to the professionals who know the basic principles of psychological impact. In this case, the article gets additional benefits. For example, these are:

  • manipulation of consciousness. A person sees what he needs from the first letter to the last point of the article.
  • creation of an image of the company. Once the first task is completed and the reader is involved in the dialogue, he is presented with a solution to the problem. This is a reference to a specific company. It describes its advantages, features of work, reputation and so on. Facts form an opinion; therefore their presence in the article is mandatory.
  • return to emotions. This is proof that thanks to the services (goods) of the company the issue is solved quickly and without problems.