Content Marketing Trends to Watch for 2018: Inspiring Ideas and Effective Strategies

We keep seeing numerous businesses developing and distributing their products using high-quality content. The reason behind content marketing being such a prevalent technique these days is simple: it is effective. But what methods and trends will be the most beneficial in 2018?

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing may be the new heavy artillery in the field of commerce. It implies creating and sharing out the high-grade content, most prevalently in a form of online materials such as videos, social media posts, blogs, etc.

This marketing type is not concentrated on making new sales fast. It is more focused and directed towards engaging the customers, stimulating their curiosity about a brand and spreading the word about a certain business. Such an approach is highly strategic and needs to be planned very well. The key to successful and efficient marketing through content is allowing users to enjoy relevant, comprehensive and valuable information.

Content Marketing Trends to Take Note of in 2018

Every content marketing strategy is unique and peculiar. However, taking the trends into consideration and discovering new, fresh content marketing ideas can help any business, large or small, establish a lasting connection with the customer. So, here are some favored content marketing trends that definitely should be taken into account in 2018:

  • Customizable online experience and personalization. This means creating content based on each individual user and potential customer. Of course, this doesn’t imply writing separate posts dedicated to each particular client. However, this trend involves sending email newsletters based on, let’s say, the products a customer was curious about but didn’t purchase. Or, for instance, creating different designs for your website’s homepage depending on the location of a person that’s visiting it (for instance, a website will look different for a user opening the webpage while being in LA and for a customer visiting it from Minnesota).
  • Using virtual assistants to provide a more customizable experience for your audiences.
  • Moving the content beyond simple posts online. Technologies these days allow numerous companies to share their content in new, unique, and engaging forms like Virtual Reality interactions or 360° videos.
  • Transparent business-customer relationships. In 2018, just as always, customers wish businesses and brands to be more open, transparent, and authentic. Therefore, content marketing of 2018 is going to be directed towards complete and honest disclosure. By sharing how their product is made or what their major policy is, brands will be able to build a long-lasting, strong relationship with their customers.
  • Live videos. This trend is already taking over the marketing world since it allows for more engagement. Both potential and existing customers can ask questions and post comments during the live streaming, which allows for immediate response and better communication. It is statistically proven that users watch and comment more on videos that are live. Moreover, the content marketing infographics show that the majority of users prefer tuning into live videos instead of reading blog entries. Live streaming allows for a more real connection and closer relationship between a brand and a customer. It also allows businesses to appear more authentic.
  • Multi-channel content distribution. Because more and more companies and brands take their business online, it is oftentimes hard to make content marketing for small businesses work effectively. Therefore, distributing content via multiple sources and platforms will be one of the most favored trends in 2018. Using as many social media networks as possible increases the chances of a business to be noticed.
  • Sharing on smaller levels. It is a common practice of content marketing to pay celebrities for supporting a brand and its product on social media. However, there is another trend that’s currently taking over: allowing regular people to endorse products to their audiences. Even though everyday users have smaller audiences, their followers are usually more engaged and passionate. Therefore, they will create more chances for a business to obtain regular customers, have constant sales, and establish a trustful connection with the audience.

Trendy Content Marketing Programs: Ideas and Examples

The majority of marketing trends are innovative and require time to get the hang of them, especially for smaller businesses. Here are some of the brightest and the most effective examples to consider in 2018:

  • Alexa, a virtual assistant and a voice service by Amazon. It is being used by numerous businesses to share their content. What makes Alexa an incredibly effective content tool is the fact that it can be employed not only on smartphones. Alexa allows businesses to distribute the info anytime and anywhere through smartwatches, cars, TVs, hand-free appliances, and so on.
  • YouTube streaming and live videos. They allow for a higher level of engagement and a closer relationship between a business and a customer. Plus, live chats create an authentic and encouraging experience.
  • Blue Apron’s food boxes and recipes in a form of monthly subscriptions. They are always based on customers’ feedback and desires, which makes this marketing technique super customizable and personalized. Moreover, Blue Apron follows another trend: allowing customers and users to share and endorse the brand and its product online, for instance, in YouTube cooking videos.

Content marketing in 2018 is going to only move forward, making huge leaps, engaging the customers more, and providing a well-planned and highly personalized content. Keeping up with the most favored trends can help businesses (small and large) achieve their objectives in 2018.

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