The Peculiarities of Facebook Marketing: How to Use it in 2018

Despite the diversity of social networks, Facebook still remains a dominant international platform. But its functions and capabilities are gradually expanding. It is used not only for friendly communication and exchange of news; Facebook has turned into a business network, whose members declare themselves through advertising or interaction with potential customers.

Large corporations, along with small companies, view the Mark Zuckerberg’s creation as a powerful marketing tool. Such a large web allows you to quickly inform consumers, develop the brand and expand the client base to a global level, not only with the help of dry facts but also with humor.

What Is Facebook Marketing

The company's page on Facebook is a great way to identify you by posting exhaustive tidings about the products, corporate policies, and values. And all this could be accompanied by vivid photos, adding humanity to the firm’s image. For example, a combination of official statements and educational materials is welcomed. If you are engaged in jewelry, consumers will appreciate the advice on how to choose the correct size of ring remotely or how to care for natural minerals.

Among the Facebook’s marketing opportunities for business-dummies should be pointed to the demographic segmentation of target audience according to user data, testing of advertisements, as well as the availability of tools for measuring their effectiveness. I.e. when a user places a “like” on your page, rest assured that he or she will become your follower.

Conducting lotteries and promotions also contributes to increasing the attractiveness of the brand. But it should be remembered that competitions are not organized through Facebook itself, but only by third-party applications. And for a fixed fee, business owners may expect that their individual messages will reach a certain number of network users. Such a strategy increases their confidence in awareness of customers.

7-Step Facebook Marketing Strategy in 2018

To date, experts identify the next key Facebook marketing tips for right positioning in social networks:

  1. Preparation. Think about why you bring your company to the social network. Among main goals, as a rule, are called increasing brand awareness or traffic, forming close relations with target groups. Your aim determines the means of achieving it.
  2. Development of a content plan. Do not start creating text messages from scratch. Analyze mistakes and victories of competitors. Find out which posts they publish, how active their audience is, how many comments on average collect their messages. Pay attention to the number of subscribers, the time they visit the page, as well as their reaction to conducting surveys and all kinds of actions.
  3. Data analysis. You could arrange the data obtained manually or use special services, such as Socialbakers or Popsters. In the end, you will get an approximate list of the types of posts that most like an audience, as well as topics and ideas for development. After you schedule a publication for at least a week and try to stick to it.
  4. “Build” a page. First, register on Facebook, and then start filling out the information fields. Provide information about the company and set up an attractive cover. The latter should contain no more than 20% of the text, a call to action, a photo of item/service, news about the latest trends, etc. Of course, do not use all instruments at once. If you do not have special offers, do not specify them.
  5. Create an original logo. It is with it that users will identify your firm, so it should be catchy, but not vulgar. Avoid detail.
  6. Content placement. Refer to your plan and make a choice in favor of an accessible but useful text message. It has to be brightly designed to attract the attention of as many clients as possible. Use video or infographics. Facebook tools allow you to create interactive applications.
  7. Advance the page. The social network provides a lot of opportunities such as sponsored stories. These are ads that display user interactions. If a subscriber sees that five of his or her close friends focus on the products of your company, chances that he or she will also become interested in it significantly increase.

Facebook Marketing Tips

To maximize an effect of the Internet space, try to publish your posts when your subscribers are online. For someone, it's usual to watch the news tape at 7 am for breakfast. Others prefer a lunch break or devote to watching the evening hours, after work. That’s why experts study statistics in detail in order to adjust to a certain audience and not work for nothing.

Do not be lazy to experiment with the length of the message. The principles of brevity do not always work. Sometimes enough pairs of phrases and candid photos. But often a full-fledged article is not sufficient. Learn to feel the audience by publication posts of varying length and content.

Do not hesitate to ask questions in the comments to the text for engaging subscribers in communication. People are used to the fact that companies on their pages tend to advertise their product, so they do not particularly read into the messages. But users often pay attention to the opinion of disinterested persons who publish their views in comments. Take advantage of this and make customers think about values.

Dilute your content with infographics and other illustrative materials. It is one of the simplest methods to convey complex information. Share photos of your employees, partners or satisfied clients. Show behind the scenes of your business life with the help of gallery. Also, you could offer step-by-step instructions for solving an actual problem, which is to increase the subscribers’ number. Do not forget to congratulate customers on holidays or important events in their life. All these steps will certainly bring additional bonuses to your company.

Keep in touch with opinion leaders in your market niche. You may publish interviews with them or share a report on a joint event. Such a tactic is to raise the company’s authority in the eyes of consumers. But do not forget about the success of buyers. Focus on their victories, share their opinions and reward them with discounts.

Optimize your page. First of all, use the right combination of color shades in the cover and place an announcement about the nearest event. Try to fill in completely all the fields that you are offered. For addressing, choose a simple and easy-to-remember address in order to make it easier for potential customers.

Remember the rules of SEO, selecting keywords for characterizing your business and creating publications. For instance, cut prices in an advertising offer or add the word “now”, which will force people to click on your page more actively. Create a deficit to turn your items into exclusive ones.

Thus, the right Facebook marketing strategy in 2018 is a direct way to the hearts and minds of millions of people, because this network is used by more than 70% of the world's population. If your business is not yet on this social platform, think about the capabilities that you are missing.