Disruptive Marketing

More and more often in our days, we hear the word “disruptive". This word in many industries means different things to different people. Initially, the disruption appeared in innovation, and then in disruptive marketing. It is worth noting that this concept exists much more time than disruptive marketing. Nowadays, the disruptive marketing grow and evolve, moreover, it really forces you to review and rethink all the marketing rules and strategies that you knew and is accustomed to.

Every business player can agree that the creation of an effective marketing strategy, and then its effective implementation is one of the most important aspects of doing business. Disruptive implies a certain risk and confidence in intuition. The campaign disruptive marketing involves an innovation that in its turn creates a new market and a new network of values ​​that ultimately destroys existing markets and networks with values.

Top 3 Trends of Disruptive Marketing for 2018

Here you can find top 3 things disruptive marketers forecast this year.

  1. Moving from the cause to the goal of the brand making it the basis of the business strategy. Modern and successful marketers this year place the brand's goal in the business and brand strategy and use it as a growth lever with the internal and external audiences.
  2. Move towards engagement of the heart. Today, marketers need to establish the interactions with customers instead of simple transactions. The marketer should have the ability to turn storytelling into a vital business competence that takes into account why and who is from the brand and translates them into an experience that creates lasting emotional ties. This type of thinking will help to determine the difference and competitive advantage in 2018 year.
  3. You need to note the fact that customers do not buy things themselves, but stories that are implemented through a strategic combination of creative technologies. This year, smart marketers will use the strategic combination of creativity and technology to create and distribute stories that create strong relationships with their customers. Data will be used both from the point of view of science and the art of marketing function. The company will have the opportunity to create best-in-class content brands and become the leaders in their industries.

Disruptive Marketing Strategy: What is It?

The application of this strategy has two main objectives. The first goal is to develop its proposals to match the demand in the market that is developing. The second goal is to re-engineer existing proposals to improve customer satisfaction.

Who Employs Disruptive Marketing?

In the conditions of modern business, absolutely every company must at least prepare for the use of destructive marketing. To date, this marketing strategy has become widely used in the technology sector. Since the Internet or other electronic devices or services can be as a minimally viable product, and then regularly updated while being in the possession of their customers. However, historically, products or services that are available to consumers with a lot of money and was the main target for disruptive marketing.

In order for a company to use disruptive marketing, it is necessary to determine who is oriented to developing markets or makes the product/service more accessible to customers in the current market.

The Examples of Disruptive Marketing

As the practice shows, companies that used disruptive marketing were successful. Let's look at examples of disruptive marketing on two popular brands.

Nike. The world-famous company Nike conducted an advertising campaign on YouTube called “Better for her.” This series of videos were followed by the adoptive sisters Margot and Lily, which are very different from themselves. Girls compete because their opinions about the sport diverge.

The goal of the company was that every woman could see herself in one of the sisters. However, many brands have done this. However, it was this company that did not aggressively promote its products but gave a realistic picture of those who struggle with the search for motivation to work, and this is incredibly convenient. Women can easily find themselves in any of these pairs of Nike.

Toyota. Usually, the advertising car videos are not famous for their humor, but Toyota decided to turn to this very self-explanatory way about machines that were fueled by bullsh * t. They show how the farmer works and how to make manure into motor fuel. The video ends with the words “We are driving down the road, running on bullsh*t.” The great car company, with the help of the curse words playfully made it unusual and surprising.

Considering the examples of disruptive marketing, we can conclude that the experience of world-famous companies in the use of the disruptive marketing was very successful.